Do you want to design a perfect entertainment area? Designing a perfect entertainment area can be tricky. Create a luxurious outdoor entertainment by glamming-up your patio or terrace with these design ideas. While you are renovating, Storage Nerang will take care of all your storage needs. Enjoy the warm weather with these design ideas to fashion out the ultimate outdoor entertainment area.

1. Use Versatile Patio Furniture

a backyard entertainment area with colorful throw pillows

Adorn your patio with cute furniture. Add a few colorful throw pillows to add color. You can also consider using furniture like wrought iron chairs with protective coatings to endure all types of weather.

2. Install a Water Feature

a backyard entertainment area with a fountain

Another way to create a perfect outdoor entertainment area is to have fountains and waterfalls. Water features do not cost much and take up little space. The flow of water cools the surrounding air and has a calming effect as well.

3. Put Up a Pergola

a backyard entertainment area that features a tall pergola

The Australian sun can be harsh. Protect yourself and your guests and family from harmful UV rays and stormy weather with a stylish shade. Improve the look and entertainment value of your home by putting up a well-designed pergola. You can have climbing plants near the base to cool furniture and provide shelter.

4. Create a Garden

a simple backyard entertainment area near the garden

The Australian weather is excellent for a garden. Add bright flowers to your garden to add a pop of color to your backyard. You can plant tulip plants along the fence or fill some pots with some blossoms. Plants can give a sense of calm even in small spaces.

5. Design a Functional Cooking Area

a kitchen in the backyard entertainment area

To your cooking area to make it functional, add a barbecue, sink and bar fridge. Ensure that your cooking area is well ventilated to prevent smoke from going into the house. You can also add a charcoal grill. Install a portable bar and load your cart with plates, pitchers, glasses, and an array of snacks. Consider using a Storage Nerang for self-storage during g these renovations.

6. Extend the Indoors with Timber Decking

a covered deck at the backyard

Timber decking is a great way to avoid muddy natural grass and ugly concrete. It is lustrous and contemporary and blends seamlessly with your outdoor entertainment area. It is also easy to maintain.

7. Invest in Outdoor Lighting

home with furniture patio / wooden deck at twilight

Wrap string lights down from a pergola or through your outdoor area to give it a starry-night impression. You can also line the garden path or patio with torches and lanterns for soft lighting to form an atmospheric evening feeling.

8. Set Up a Backyard Theatre

friends watching a movie that's projected on the screen at the backyard

Create the ultimate outdoor theatre experience by hooking up a projector and screen. Add some blankets, string lights, and large pillows and enjoy movies with your family and guests. You can invest in an excellent audio system to enjoy dancing with your guests. In case you won’t be using your audio system for some time, you can safely store them at Storage Nerang.

9. Set Up Lawn Games

a couple player cricket at their backyard

Increase the fun for your family and guests by setting up lawn games such as ladder golf, croquet, bucket ball, and bocce ball on your green lawn