Northern New South Wales is one of the premier destinations in Oceania. If you travelling here, or you are a visitor, you’ll want to make the most of your stay by keeping your things in Self Storage Murwillumbah. This is one area with lots of amazing places to see. You can explore the wonders of lush Byron Bay and see incredible vistas. The weekend makes the ideal time to relax in Myall Lakes or see the history of Worimi Conservation Lands. The weekend is a great time to get to know this region even better.

Explore Byron Bay

The Cape Byron Bay lighthouse marks this part of Australia and serves as landmark that’s easily visible for many kilometres. Pull your favourite blanket out of Self Storage Murwillumbah and admire the long and flowing sands on Tallow Beach. This is one of the best places to go surfing in Australia. It’s also an ideal place to go diving. Many shipwrecks can be seen just offshore. Book a local guide and let them show you where the wrecks lie and how best to see them. Byron Bay can be seen with ease in a single wonderful weekend.

Byron Bay headland

Dorrigo National Park

One of the nation’s gems, Dorrigo includes Gondwana Rainforest, a world heritage listed site. The park is only a car ride away from many parts of Australia. Pristine waterfalls are part of the amazing landscape here and offer a pleasant place to relax and cool off any time of the year. Take your kids here and help them learn about the importance of the rainforest in keeping the earth in good shape. The park has lots of things to see and plenty of welcome signage that makes it easy for any traveller to understand what they’re seeing as they trek here.

dorrigo national park rainforest walkway

Myall Lakes

These lovely series of freshwater lakes are one place for residents and visitors alike to admire and appreciate. Make sure you have gear from your Self Storage Murwillumbah as this area gets a lot of rain each year. Come here from May to November if you love sea life. The waters are home to an annual whale migration that can be seen with ease from many vantage points in the park. The weekend makes the ideal time to camp here overnight. You’ll find lots of places to bring a camper with you or lay out a tent and gaze at the stars come out when evening sets in.

myall lakes aerial view

Worimi Conservation Lands

The historic homelands of the Worimi people are a must see for all those who are interested in this area. Take a dune tour with a native expert who can show you the many nuances of this region. The beaches here are some of the best in the area and make a great place to go fishing. Get on top of a native horse and enjoy the view from the top of one of the area’s most used methods of transportation. Make sure you bring enough water with you.

worimi sand dunes