There is a ton of things to do in the Gold Coast, but most of them center around the water. After all, that’s why over half a million people live here and why 5.3 million tourists visit each year. Here are some of the favorite beach centered activities on the Gold Coast from Self Storage Nerang:

Surfing and Body Surfing

a man bodysurfing and enjoying the waves

Without a doubt, surfing and body surfing are the number one beach activities other than swimming and suntanning, that attract so many visitors.

The southern points at Snapper Rocks – Kirra, Rainbow Bay and Duranbah, which combine to form the Superbank, are considered the best breaks in the Gold Coast, and some of the best rides in Australia, as the Superbank creates one of the largest surf rides in the world.

Parasailing on the Gold Coast

a couple parasailing on the beach

For those who own a ski boat on the gold coast and want to combine the ocean with the sky, parasailing is an absolutely exhilarating sport.

For one thing, you don’t need to be a 10-17-year-old “rubber people” with incredible balance like most surfers seem to be. Even 50-year-old, women who are 20 plus kilograms overweight can parasail. And going in tandem, grandpa or mom and dad can take the little ones on a delightful air adventure 15 meters above the ocean floor.

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Sea Kayaking on the Gold Coast

a family kayaking in the golden coast

Sea Kayaking is one of the best forms of exercise. It tones, it builds cardiovascular strength and it is low impact. It’s also a lot of fun. You can explore nearby ocean caves, stop at a remote and inaccessible beach except with a boat, you can do kayaking alone as a form of quiet meditation, or you can kayak in a group.

The costs are fairly low, and the benefits are high

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Shore and Open Water Sea Fishing

a father teaching his son to fish at the beach

Sea fishing is a pass time that is enjoyed by millions, and no less so than in the Gold Coast.

Is there anything better than catching a snapper, Tailor or Whitefish, and then frying it for dinner the same evening? Fishing is both a solitary pastime and one of the great social equalizers as fishermen of all ages, ethnicities commiserate, laugh, and tell stories. about the “big one” they almost caught.

Meanwhile, the more adventurous ones go out on a boat and aspire to catch tuna or marlin.

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Beach Volleyball on the Gold Coast

two women competing against each other in volleyball

People love to play beach volleyball. The barrier is very low. For as little as $30 you can buy and set up a volleyball court on the sand, and when you do, whether you came with a group, or only two or three, within minutes it’s and instant beach party.

There is something absolutely captivating about volleyball, and people of all ages just naturally want to get in on the action.