Home Staging Ideas

The right modifications to your home staging increase the value of your property and help speed up the sales process. Like most people, buyers have their first impression on the house within the first 10 seconds. Getting staging right from the beginning is crucial. Here are some home staging ideas from Box and Lock Self Storage Murwillumbah. 


a woman arranging her living room and placing a throw pillow on a couch

Get Rid of Clutter

a man worried about his messy living room

Getting rid of clutter does not necessarily mean you have to dispose of your items entirely. Storing the clutter using services such as Self Storage Murwillumbah keeps the house neat and gives you time to plan your next move.

Decluttering makes the house appear larger and well maintained, giving the buyer a better overall impression. Keep the decor minimal, and all personalised items tucked away.

Start by clearing out the closets, thinning out the shelves, clearing the countertops and decluttering the décor. Also, Self Storage Murwillumbah helps with the storage of bulky items that might impede traffic flow in the house.

Lighting the Room

a very stunning light room with clean furniture

Dark rooms are a turn-off and make the house look gloomy. Open all the windows and blinds; this determines the ambience in the house. Brighten the rooms by using artificial light when necessary. Remember not to overdo it; consider all-natural lighting alternatives first.

Besides decor and styling, lighting the room adequately makes the floor space seem larger. Moreover, keeping the lights on helps prospective buyers figure out which switches turn the lights on and off without stumbling around.

Go for a Natural Look

plants placed in a stunning wooden living room

Incorporating some natural elements into your interior is an excellent way to make your house feel welcoming. One way is to blend the interior with the exterior. A countryside setting could be complemented with twigs or carved wood. If yours is a coastal setting, you could blend in some coral rocks, shells, or seaweed. Whether you live in the city or countryside, blending in some natural elements is an excellent way to soften the room.

Moving the Furniture to the Right Place

a happy couple placing a sofa in their new living room

After storing your belongings in storage to declutter the open house, you need to work with what’s left behind. As a rule of thumb, you want to provide as much walking space as possible.

Put all the visually sore and extraneous furniture in Self Storage Murwillumbah space and work with the remaining furniture. Rearranging furniture for prospective buyers for your open house is a great opportunity to identify the furniture that might be cluttering your floor space.

Focus on Fresh

a woman reading a magazine in her living room while enjoying the aroma of essential oil

Many items can make your house smell stale. Pets, mildew, food, and sinks are common things that make a room smell musty. Sometimes, it is difficult to notice the odour after getting used to them. Ask a friend to help identify the source of the smell in such cases.

Using essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary is a great way to mask the lingering smell after a thorough cleaning with disinfectants. Using air fresheners mask the smell for a while. Brewing coffee, burning vanilla essence, sprinkling lemon extract, and cinnamon sticks go a long way in eliminating unwanted odours.