Self Storage Nerang is a great place to store and organize your Christmas decorations. Each year, you will have a place that is nice and organized for your holiday spirit! It is easy to set up shelving units and create a space that is nice and neat to wrap gifts or to use as a one stop holiday shop.

While decorating for the holidays is always a fun way to express your creativity, be sure to keep floral wire, tape, glue and fishing string in it’s own container so that you have tools in one place. Scissors, brushes and glitter might also be in your tool kit. Here are a few ideas that you can use for Christmas ideas for your home:

A Ginger Bread House

A cat inside a small DIY Christmas Gingerbread House

A ginger bread house on the table is a great way to add holiday spirit to your home. While some might use icing to adhere candy decoration, you might also substitute glue so as to create a decoration that will keep after you complete the design. Once you have finished decorating the ginger bread house, take a paint brush and craft glue to paint the house completely. This will create a finishing sealant so that the ginger bread house you designed will keep dry.

To store the finished house, wrap gently in tissue paper and set inside an acid-free keepsake box at Self Storage Nerang. You might also use a spray fixative to keep your decoration safe from falling apart. These finishes will create a protective barrier so as to keep moisture away.

Decorative Ribbon

Red ribbons decorated on a staircase

You can store decorative ribbon in shoe boxes at Self Storage Nerang. It is a good ideas to store ribbon by color. Shoe box size plastic containers are perfect for ribbon because you can stack them and find them easy by looking at the Sid of a container.

To decorate with ribbon, you can twirl it around your tree or twist alongside garland. You might also use a twig with berries and intertwine the ribbon for a pretty table setting. Ribbon can be used to wrap gifts, hang ornaments or to tie bells to a door with ease.

Mini Wreaths

A mini holiday wreath ornament hanging from a chirstmas tree

You might find mini wreaths at your local craft store or online. Mini wreaths are fun because you can use them anywhere. A beautiful Christmas decoration for your kitchen or bathroom is to put mini wreaths with ribbon on your cabinet doors. You can store these in larger containers so that you can have all like items together. Mini wreaths can be decorated like large wreaths so as to keep a sense of continuity throughout your holiday home.

When storing wreaths and the decoration items you’ll use with them it is a good idea to utilize a label maker. You might also use a bold permanent marker and tape. Using labels will help keep your decorations organized so that your trip to pick up what you need from your storage unit will be nice and easy!