The Gold Coast is known for its sandy beaches, awesome surf, sizzling culinary scene and amazing fishing opportunities. Marlin even called out the Gold Coast as a “budding hot spot rivalling top marlin destinations around the world.” Whether you’re into deep sea fishing or casting a line from shore, there’s a fabulous fishing spot here for you. So, grab your gear out of Self Storage Nerang and get ready to cast a line for your next big catch at one of these hot spots ideal for all levels and types of fishing.

The Seaway

gold coast seaway aerial view

Gold Coast Tourism notes that fishing all the great fishing spots here would take your entire lifetime. The Seaway is a popular area for fishing bream, yellow tail kingfish, squire and more. For trevally, you might head to the Pin Bar entrance. The North Wall is a good spot for tailor or mangrove jack.

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Gold Coast Jumpinpin Sand Dunes


Locals know that if you want to make a big catch here, you should bring some big bait with you. This huge stretch of water goes from the Logan River to the Seaway, giving you plenty of room to explore in search of good spots. Jumpinpin is a particularly great area to fish for bream, tailor and flathead. If you’re short on time, shoot to fish here during the stretch from just before high tide until low tide.

Nerang River Fishing Platform

Perfect for your first or last catch of the day, the Nerang River Fishing Platform is a good perch for catching bream, mud crabs and flathead. You might also reel in some trevally if you come early or mangrove jack at night. It’s conveniently located at Weedons Crossing, making it an ideal stop after getting your fishing rods and tackle from Self Storage in Nerang, which offers a convenient location for fishing all the hot spots along the Gold Coast, for safely stashing your gear between fishing excursions.

Bond University

bond university lake

Looking for a hidden gem? It may seem like an odd spot to go fishing, but there’s some fabulous big fish just waiting for you to catch them at Bond University. Although the campus itself is on private property, the bridge spanning the lake is open to the public. Just grab your favourite rod, reel and tackle before heading over to try your luck at this lesser-known fishing spot.


man standing on shore looking at boast with fishing rods

Tow your boat from your Self Storage in Nerang to hit the Gold Coast Broadwater, a popular place to cast your line. Although plenty of fishing enthusiasts hit these waters, you’ll still be able to enjoy plenty of peace and quiet on this estuary. Because it’s so big and it has so many little nooks, you’ll feel like you have the water to yourself even during busy holidays. The water quality on the Broadwater is exceptional, which lends itself well to catching many types of fish. If you’re looking to snag a dusky flathead, this is the place to be anytime from August through October. Experts suggest fishing light to cast long distances and avoid scaring fish away from shallow areas. Additionally, boats should be able to navigate the shallow banks and provide ample power to manoeuver the sometimes choppy conditions.