Your lawn equipment always gets much use during the summer months, but there will always be a time when you will need to store it for more extended periods. While you can always keep the lawn equipment in your garage, it can take up much space, so some people tend to store their lawn equipment in self storage facilities.
Preparing your lawn equipment for long-term storage is similar to preparing a vehicle for storage. You should always pay attention to the oil, gas, and exterior to ensure that the lawn equipment is ready for storage. Storing your lawn equipment improperly can break parts, crack, rust, and eventually damage. In this article, we will share some of the tips for storing lawn equipment during the summer season.

Preparing Your Lawn Equipment for Self Storage Unit

Choosing A Self Storage Unit

When choosing a self storage unit, it would be best to determine the space you need. If you are storing your lawn equipment, a 5×5 self storage unit will be enough. A larger team may be necessary if you store seasonal items, so always check whether you want to store only the lawn equipment or more items before settling to the right self-storage size.

By all means, avoid storing your lawn equipment outdoors because it can get damaged. There are affordable self storage units around and all you have to do is to find a reputable one that will take care of your lawn equipment for you.

Choosing A Cool and Dry Self Storage Unit

Also, a good self storage unit should be cool and dry, it would be best to choose a self storage unit that doesn’t experience large temperature changes to avoid condensation from occurring. The self storage unit needs to be dry because any kind of moisture can cause rust and can damage your lawn equipment in the long run. You may also consider choosing a climate-controlled storage, depending on where you live. Self storage unit that is climate-controlled maintain a consistent temperature and humidity all year round, thus protecting your lawn equipment from any elements. 

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Cleaning Your Lawn Equipment for Self Storage

Before storing your lawn equipment in a self storage unit, it would be best to clean your lawn equipment beforehand. There may be a lot of equipment, but you need to focus on cleaning the equipment from dirt, leaves, greases, and other stains accumulated on your equipment. Things can get dirty and messy, especially your lawn equipment, so always clean them before storage.
When cleaning your equipment for self storage, you need to choose the right cleansers for the right equipment. Typically, the equipment will come with a manual on effectively cleaning it so you don’t have to worry if you’re making any mistakes while taking care of your equipment.

Coating Your Lawn Equipment In Oil

Taking care of your lawn equipment properly means that you won’t have to replace them now and then because they are damaged. After cleaning your lawn equipment, all the metal tools should be coated in oil. The oil will help protect the devices from rust while in storage, so keep this vital step in mind before storing your lawn equipment in a self storage unit.

Do Necessary Repairs On Your Lawn Equipment

If you have an extensive collection of lawn equipment and have decided to invest in a lawnmower and other similar items, it would be best to check them for necessary repairs before storing them in a self storage unit.

You should remind yourself about their maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape and it’s in your best interest to have your lawn equipment inspected from time to time. Always make sure to take care of any repairs before storing your lawn equipment, as you want your equipment to be ready when you take it out of storage to use.


After you do all the necessary preparations above on your lawn equipment, the next thing that you need to do is to transport your lawn equipment in your chosen self storage unit. Follow all the necessary tips above to ensure that your lawn equipment is ready for storage during summer. Please keep them in tip-top shape by following the tips mentioned above.