Boxes and Packaging

At Box & Lock Self Storage we offer a wide range of Boxes and Packaging Supplies to help make your move easier.

To keep your goods safe during removal and storage we recommend packing all your belongings in to boxes. This is the most practical method for ensuring your valuables remain undamaged and in the same condition.

Using quality, purpose designed boxes for moving means removalists or yourself will be able to efficiently move and stack boxes from one location to another.

The two most used boxes for moving and storage are Tea Chest Cartons and Book & Wine Cartons.

TEA CHEST CARTONS are a tough twin cushioned cardboard carton. These are ideal for all types of  removals from business, local or long range moves and are excellent for larger awkward items. DIMENSIONS: Length: 431mm Width: 406mm Height 596mm

BOOK & WINE CARTONS are a sturdy single layer sheeting carton and are perfect for Books, CD’s and Wine and heavier items. This compact box protects valuables especially when used with bubble wrap.
DIMENSIONS: Length: 406mm Width: 298mm Height: 431mm

Some tips when using boxes:

  • Label all of your boxes which means you can always locate them. Labelling boxes provides clear identification for anyone needing to locate them.
  • Avoid using poor quality tape – they will not secure your boxes reliably, and often can lead to repacking the goods the next time they are transported.
  • Boxes increase efficiency for all involved in your removal. Removalists can take 2-3 boxes per trolley load, quickly and safely. Planning ahead by having your goods packed and ready from one point helps save time and money.
  • Always use soft/plastic packing for delicate items such as glass, picture frames, vases, lamps and mirrors. Spending a little more on cushioning will often mean less money spent on replacing broken items.

Important benefits of packing with boxes:

  • SAVE TIME – pack like belongings in boxes together, making it easier to find things and unpack whole rooms at the other end.
  • OPTIMISE STORAGE SPACE – stack more in smaller spaces by using the height of your space.
  • MINIMISE POTENTIAL DAMAGE – reduce movement by using soft-packing within your boxes.





Tea Chest Carton (L) 431mm x (W) 406mm x (H) 596mm




Book & Wine Carton (L) 406mm x (W) 298mm x (H) 431mm




Picture/Mirror Carton (L) 1040 x (W) 75mm x (H) 775 mm




Port A Robe (L) 594mm x (W) 476mm x (H) 1099mm




Mini Port A Robe (L) 595mm x (W) 476mm x (H) 750mm




Archive Boxes (L) 390mm x (W) 306mm x (H) 260mm




King Bed Mattress Protector




Queen Bed Mattress Protector




Single Bed Mattress Protector




Lounge Chair Cover




3 Seater Lounge Cover




Bubble Wrap


$2.00 per Metre


Clear Packing Tape




Fragile Packing Tape




Packing Paper


$18.00 per 2 ½ kg Bundle