There are several ways on how you can make your small bedroom look much bigger besides storing some of your unused items in a storage facility like at the Molendinar storage. Let’s make your sleep sanctuary look spacious with some adjustments and creativity.

Vertical Space

Your small bedroom may still look cosy with your bed, armchair, a small sofa, and a bookcase. But in order for you to achieve that, you need to make sure that you use vertical furniture in your bedroom. This will draw an eye upwards, which will then trick you into having a bigger space.

Vertical curtains

Use vertical bookcases or tall armchairs and sofa to the wall. It would also be best to use a vertical mirror and place it on the wall. The reflection of the mirror will immediately give a spacious feeling and look.

Use a Tall Headboard

When your space is limited, using a tall headboard will help your room look bigger. Choose an elegant yet lightweight design that will lead the eye upwards, creating a taller space. The light colour will become a great contrast to your walls’ darker shade.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choose furniture with tapered and slim legs. When you can see right underneath your furniture, your room will immediately feel spacious. If you have high ceilings, a bed that has tall legs will become in proportion. But if you have a low ceiling, a bed that is low-slung will be more appropriate.

Another good thing about having to see underneath the furniture is that you can store certain items underneath. You can make the most out of your spaces with furniture like this. The same rule applies for dressing tables and bedside tables of course.

Using a Storage Facility 

If you can’t seem to find extra spaces in your bedroom, then that means that it is time to declutter your bedroom. Gather all the items that you are currently not using in a box. Label them accordingly and rent a storage space like at the Molendinar storage facility. Labelling them will be easier for you to access them later on.

Woman organizing her clothes

You can also donate the ones that you no longer need to make up extra space in your storage unit.

Use Low-Slung Furniture

Create an illusion of a high ceiling by using low-slung furniture inside your bedroom. You can either use a handcrafted side table or stool if you don’t feel like using a bedside table. This will also allow more rooms on the wall to hang in decors and such.