Storing furniture when moving to a new place can be a daunting task. The process involves various aspects to make sure that the items are safe. It explains why most people hire moving companies like Box and Lock Self Storage Nerang for support. Though you will incur the cost, your items will be at the hands of professionals.

Now, what should you know before deciding to move? Here are some tips that will guide you on how to keep your furniture safely when ready to move to a new place.

Tips to Store Furniture before Moving to a New Place

  1. Know Storage Restrictions

The first step is to understand the condition of the storage facility. You have to know what you can store and what you can’t in the storage unit. Make sure you ask your storage facility service providers on the list of all the restricted items for you to sort them out. Next, you need to check on the storage space before packing the furniture.

People packing their boxes

You need to know if you have sufficient space in advance to avoid inconveniences. The safety of your furniture is also important while storing the items. Normally, the storage period depends on the unit you have selected.

  1. Clean the Furniture

Hygiene is essential when you’re moving your furniture to a new place. You don’t want to relocate with dirty items. Then cleaning your furniture before moving is necessary. Before you put them in the storage unit, scrub them thoroughly. If you consult Self Storage Nerang services they will emphasize the importance of having them clean while moving.

First, cleaning the furniture before storing them will help prevent chances of weakening and corrosion. It is possible to store the items for months after cleaning them. Material of your furniture items will determine the nature of cleaning they deserve. If your furniture is wooden, you will use a gentle cleanser to avoid staining or wrapping the wood. Experts advise on the use of appropriate cleaners and steel wool.

Vacuum the furniture if it’s made of fabric. A color-safe cleaner is the best to use on it. Spray the items after cleaning. Use pesticides that are compatible with the furniture. The spray will kill pests that can eat wood and fabric.

  1. Pack the Perfect Way

Once you are through with cleaning the furniture, now it’s packing time. The packing process needs to be thorough to ensure that all your items are safe from the time you load them on the truck to the time you drop them.

A couple packing clothes

It’s recommendable to disassemble the furniture if possible. It makes transportation easy and convenient. It also saves space. Make sure you wrap the furniture with fabric pieces. Padded and soft bed sheets are good to use as well. The fabric prevents the furniture from trapping the molds and moisture since it’s breathable.

Packing is a tough job that’s why the Self Storage Nerang services come in handy to relieve you from the whole daunting process.