There are many ways to save space in your home, especially when you have furniture you do not use. If you have a storage shed in your home, you can pack up the extra items and store them under lock and key.

Alternatively, you can rent a storage unit from Box and Lock SELF STORAGE MURWILLUMBAH. Such a unit keeps your things in a safe and clean place.

Reasons for Choosing a Storage Facility

To declutter your home

Space gives you peace of mind and allows you to live in an organised place. Decluttering your home involves removing things that you do not use from the main house. You can keep them in a different place that does not include daily encounters.

A messy bedroom

A storage unit would be ideal for books, documents, appliances, and any gear. Fishing, camping, and sports gear may be a bit too bulky to have at home. A storage unit is convenient for bulky items that you do not use regularly.

For privacy

People also rent out storage units to keep essential documents away from prying eyes. A SELF STORAGE MURWILLUMBAH unit will provide both privacy and security. These storages utilise pin code entry systems that keep unauthorised parties away.

Once you rent out a storage unit with a company like Box and Lock Murwillumbah, you are the only person with access. The company maintains high confidentiality to ensure your items are safe.

Ample storage space

When you have bulky items like furniture and appliances, a shed at the back of your house may not be enough. In storage facilities, the unit you get depends on your needs and your budget.

You can rent out a medium, minor, or ample SELF STORAGE MURWILLUMBAH unit. It all depends on the amount of space you need. With furniture, you need space that ensures it remains in good condition. Thus, storage facilities give you the freedom to choose the size that fits.

Easy Access

Storage facilities are in easily accessible areas. For even easier access, you should pick a storage facility close to your home or workplace. The best thing about storage facilities like Box and Lock Murwillumbah is the 24/7 access to your storage unit.

The help team also works for seven days each week to make sure you get help whenever you need it. If you want any information and can’t access the facility, make a call and get the answers you need. Transferring the extra furniture to a storage unit gives your home space for things. A spacious house looks and feels bigger.


A SELF STORAGE MURWILLUMBAH facility will always have surveillance cameras running. People put a lot of trust in storage facilities because they house items that they do not want to lose.

CCTV being installed

These places also offer affordable insurance to safeguard whatever you have stored. The safety of your things is a crucial aspect of any storage facility. The storage companies strive to keep your unit and treasures safe until you need them again.