From boats to tackle boxes, rods to reels, fishing is a hobby that requires a lot of supplies. More than one angler has found their equipment slowly taking over their house. This is where having a self storage unit becomes crucial. Keeping all your fishing supplies in your small Nerang home can be a challenge. Investing in Self Storage Nerang makes the task a whole lot easier. Once you’ve got your unit ready to go, you can use the extra space for all that fishing gear that’s currently clogging up your closets and hallways. But how exactly should you store your fishing supplies to best take advantage of Self Storage Nerang? Let this be your definitive guide.


a speeding small boat

For your boat to last, it is imperative that you wash it carefully after every use and keep it out of the elements. Salt water can have a corrosive effect on almost any material, which is why you want to hose your boat down after each and every trip. Then, if the boat is too large to store inside, you should cover the entire vessel with a waterproof tarp. If you have a smaller craft, like an aluminum boat, a skiff, or a dinghy, you might be able to store it inside some structure. This is where Self Storage Nerang comes in. Hardly anyone has the space for a boat in their home, but you can take advantage of your storage space for this very purpose.


a man holding a spear gun

If you’re into spear fishing, then you know that an angler is only ever as good as their equipment. That’s why it’s so important to store your speargun properly. First things first, you need to give the gun a healthy rinse after you’re done using it. Then spray it with some marine silicone lubricant to keep its mechanisms properly functioning.

Fishing Rods

a man fishing in the ocean

For more conventional anglers, a fishing rod is the single most important piece of equipment in the arsenal. Unfortunately, fishing rods are as fragile as they are essential, so you have to be careful when you’re storing them. Most anglers invest in a set of protective tubes or at least a rack to keep the poles apart from other items in storage. If you just toss the rods into a Self Storage Nerang unit, they’re likely to get crushed, which will cause them to snap or lose a guide.


a gold plated fishing reel

The key with fishing reels is to rinse away the salt water after every use and to keep them out of the sun, even when inside. Sunlight weakens the line on the spool, which can spell disaster the next time you hook into a big fish.


a man throwing a fishing net at the water

The strings of nets make perfect fodder for vermin, which is why you need to store them in an impenetrable box or container. A runner storage tub works well, but avoid using cardboard as mice will make as short of work of the box as they eventually will of the net.