If your home business is growing by leaps and bounds, it may be time to start using self storage for your overflow. Don’t clutter your home, basement, or garage with documents and products you’ll struggle to find when you need them. Instead, use a self storage facility like Self Storage Molendinar for help with storing the following.


Supplies and Stationery

Ordering supplies in bulk can save money. But to avoid maneuvering around stacks of boxes in your home office, keep them in your self storage unit. Retrieve as many as needed for a month or so, and store the rest away from your home working area. Stationery and other paper supplies can also be kept secure in a storage facility until needed.


Records and Files

Utilizing a confidential and private service like Self Storage Molendinar lets you securely store your business records, receipts, and files. Whether in print form or digitalized on processors, you can be sure that your documents are safe and free of the type of dust and debris that could be hazardous in your garage, basement, or attic. In your personal storage area, you can organize boxes, file cabinets, and desks with everything you want to retain safely for years to come.

business documents

Equipment and Tools

Business-related tools for industry-specific work can be stored in a personal self storage unit at an affordable cost. You will not be expected or required to perform any special maintenance like painting or electrical work. You just need to keep the unit basically clean and usable without damage. Equipment can also be kept in the unit, such as computers, monitors, office chairs or desks, technology tools, non-hazardous supplies, safety items, and other things that are associated with your home business that are taking up too much room there.


Products and Inventory

If you design, build, or repair things as your business, you can store products and inventory with the help of companies like Self Storage Molendinar. Keeping them boxed and labelled to be used or shipped when needed will keep them from getting underfoot, lost, or confused at home. You can organize areas within the storage unit to keep everything easy to find and access.

business boxes

Resale or Donation Items

If you have older items that can be repaired for future sale or that may be donated for a tax credit, you might want to store them at a self storage facility. This will help to ensure they don’t get further broken at home by kids or pets and remain in good condition until needed.