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Home Storage Hacks

Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a large house, clutter can be inevitable without the right storage solutions. Free your self from the stress associated with an untidy room by gaining extra storage from everyday items. Using multipurpose furniture that provides this is a fantastic way to keep your belongings out of sight. Better yet, put your craftsmanship to the test by creating your own tailored storage solutions. Something as simple as a modular shelving unit with storage baskets can instantly make a room feel more organised and neat. Here at Box and Lock Storage Carrara we’ve compiled a list of the most practical hidden storage ideas, to help you tidy up your home and maximise your space.

white storage cubes

Kitchen Islands with Drawers and Cupboards


Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a kitchen island without storage. Take advantage of the large space they occupy by keeping bulky items like pots and pans, and extra dinnerware hidden and out of the way.

You can even build your own portable island with wheels to suit your kitchen’s space. Kitchen islands with leg space to sit around are an added bonus because the stools can then be neatly tucked underneath. Don’t forget to use Box and Lock Storage Carrara while you renovate your kitchen.

kitchen island bench with storage

Coffee Tables with Drawers


The living room is one of the most central rooms in a house. However there’s nothing inviting about an untidy room or a coffee table covered in mess. Buying a coffee table with drawers is the best way to maximise storage in a piece of furniture you already need.

Opting for drawers instead of shelves is ideal, as all of the items will be completely hidden and less susceptible of collecting dust. Use the drawers to store remote controls, console game, cables, coasters and magazines.  And say goodbye to toys and board games scattered across the room!

coffee table with storage

Window Seats with Storage


A window seat is the perfect nook to cosy up with a hot chocolate, or be captivated by a great book. This leisurely space is also the perfect place to add plenty of storage in the form of drawers, or under hinged cushion lids. Make extra space for this project by renting Box and Lock Storage Carrara to securely store your other furniture.

window seat with storage

Storage Ottomans


Not only do ottomans serve as great footstools in the living room, but also as a comfortable sofa at the end of a bed, or place to sling your clothes. Ottomans are great for storing extra pillows and blankets, given the large amount of storage space they offer. Available in a range of different tufted fabrics and textiles, ottomans are also a beautiful disguise for shoes, books, bags and seasonal clothes.

storage ottoman

Bed Storage


No linen cupboard? No Problem! Store your towels, spare pillows and bedding inside an ottoman bed that lifts up to reveal a wealth of space. These beds are recommended for rooms that don’t allow space for drawers to be pulled out. However keep in mind that these may not work well in loft apartments with sloped ceilings.

We’re all guilty of throwing our shoes and clothes on the floor every once in a while. If unsuitable handbag storage and crowded, small cupboards just aren’t cutting it, bed bases with built in drawers have you covered. They’re perfect for organising your folded clothing, accessories, and books in one central and compartmentalised place.

Maximise the potential storage of your bed even more, buy utilising a headboard with shelves. If you don’t want to fork out money on a new bed, simply use storage boxes to utilise the space underneath it. You can store your chest of drawers that you no longer need, and clothing you don’t reach for regularly in Box and Lock Storage Carrara to keep them safe for future use.

storage bed

Bathroom Shelves and Mirrored Cabinets


The bathroom is the one room that’s meant to make you feel clean and fresh and that’s exactly what it should be like. Leave your bathroom drawers for your electrical equipment, and use mirrored cabinets to keep your everyday toiletries in handy, but hidden reach.

Shelves in the bathroom with wicker baskets filled with bathroom accessories will create a cohesive neat look. Use these for spare toiletries such as soap bars, bath bombs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and loofas. Or simply use the selves to display folded or rolled up towels.

Bathroom niches are also a genius way to store products without taking up any extra room at all. Keep them exposed or hidden behind a hinged mirror.

bathroom mirror cabinet

Floating Shelves with Hidden Drawers


Install wall shelves that are also drawers to hide small items that either get lost easily, or that you don’t want to be found. Hide away your keys and garage remotes, or those pens that you can never find when you need them. These can be placed anywhere in your home, making them a versatile storage option.

floating bedside table

Furniture can take up large parts of any room, so why not get the most out of it that you can? Hitting 2 birds with one stone by buying or building furniture and fittings that will drastically improve the state of any room.

Hopefully these tips will prevent clutter and disorganisation from getting the best of you. For your well loved but bulky items and furniture that you don’t have space for, contact Box and Lock Storage Carrara today to enquire about our secure self-storage facilities.

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