How to Store Fragile Items in a Self-Storage Unit

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How to Store Fragile Items in a Self-Storage Unit

If you’re someone who enjoys the finer things in life, then you probably have items that are delicate and fragile. Sometimes what you treasure isn’t necessarily of high monetary value, but instead has sentimental value. It’s not really something that you think about until you’re getting ready to move or place some of your personal belongings in storage. Sometimes the mere thought of moving can be anxiety-inducing because you understand how easy it is to break things that are fragile. Fortunately there are ways to keep your possessions in perfect condition when using Box & Lock Storage Nerang.

 Storage Nerang Packing Materials


Obtain the right packing materials in advance:


When preparing to pack for a move, it’s common for people to get all of the necessary supplies, but forget the items that are needed to secure valuables and fragile items. It’s important to recognise that different types of valuables require different packing supplies. Ensuring that heirloom china is properly packed can be quite different than making sure a wedding dress is protected. Different items require different packing supplies and processes. If you’re packing a prized guitar or another kind of instrument, an entirely different type of packing material is likely required to ensure it’s protected. The primary goal when packing is to make sure your items are not damaged while being transported to your storage nerang facility like Box & Lock.

Storage Nerang Packing Boxes

Examples of different packing materials:

Bubble wrap: This is a material that has protected a lot of valuables for people around the globe. It’s the perfect cushion because it’s inflated with air and all you have to do is place it around your personal belongings and use tape to make sure it stays in place. Bubble wrap now comes in many different shapes and sizes, which means you can use it for a large number of items. The key is to ensure the bubble wrap fully covers your items. When boxing up your belongings, it’s also important to ensure the box isn’t too heavy so that it can be properly lifted. If this is something that you require, our storage nerang box shop can assist you.


Packing peanuts: While they were once very popular, packing peanuts tend to be used with less frequency in recent years because of other options on the market. However, they remain an excellent choice for ensuring that your items stay in position while in boxes that are handled for placement in Storage Nerang. The reason packing peanuts work great at preventing damage is that they’re small in size and can fill in the spaces inside of your boxes. In fact, packing peanuts can withstand significant shock during the process of moving.


Tissue paper: Different types of paper can be used to secure valuables like glassware. Decades ago, it was common for people to use newspapers to wrap both dishes and glassware when moving. Now that most people consume news on the Internet and don’t have a lot of newspaper laying around, tissue paper is used for the same purpose. Since this isn’t the best way to protect your personal possessions, you’ll need to use a larger amount of paper.

By applying the tips provided above you can be sure that your prized possessions will be safe and secure for your next move! If in any doubt, or if you have questions about our packing supplies please contact your local storage nerang box & lock facility.

Once you get your items into Box & Lock Storage Nerang, be sure to keep your boxes organised to avoid any damage that might occur if they are improperly stacked.

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