If you have a small home, you might have to teach your kids how to share bedrooms. It doesn’t have to be a tiny home, maybe your kids want to share a room, and you’re happy because you want to encourage stronger bonds.

Either way, letting your kids share a bedroom is challenging since you have to attend each need for privacy, décor, and space. Below are some tips which will help you if your kids are sharing a bedroom.

Everything at a Place

basket storage on a shelf

Kids can be messy at times, and with more than one kid using one bedroom, it becomes overwhelming for you. The closet might be full already, and you are wondering where you will store more clothes and belonging.

You can add attractive storage equipment like Storage Nerang in the room. Placing baskets under the bed is also another great option if the Storage Nerang isn’t enough. If you have baby toys or ‘girly’ toys, you could store them in a canvas bin or vintage lockers.

If you have stored items in the closet, baskets, your Storage Nerang unit, lockers, and canvas bins and don’t fit, you can clutter the remaining things and remain with the most precious ones.


a bunk bed for kids who share a room

In a bedroom, beds are the most important thing, especially for kids, since you want them to have a good night’s sleep. You can decide to match twin beds and give the room a cohesive look. If your kids are okay with it, you can arrange the beds in an L shale, leaving more floor space.

If you have three kids sharing a bedroom, you can arrange the twin beds in a U shape. The bunk bed is also an excellent option for younger kids who want more floor space for playing. You can even go for loft beds, which will allow each kid to have a private retreat. Loft beds work best for teens since they will have enough room for studying underneath the beds.

Divide Amongst

a blue room divided by a room divider

What will you do if your kids are not welcoming the idea of sharing space or having matching décor? Simple, divide the room into half, and let each kid decide what they want in their portion of the room.

To divide, you can hang a curtain from the ceiling- like privacy curtains in a hospital. If you have elder children, you can go to folding screens. Shelves can also be used to divide the room into two and be used as storage equipment. With the room divided, you can treat it like different twin spaces and attend to each child’s needs.

Similar in a Different Way

two identical beds with a cute bedsheet cover

Getting similar bedding, nightshade, beds, and dressers for your kids is the easiest way to develop a cohesive design in the kids’ bedroom, but your kids might reject the idea. They might have their ideas of what they want to have, and you have to listen to them.

To achieve what they want, go for prints, polka dots, accent walks, complementary colors, and use the color wheel. This way, you will have achieved the needs of each child.