Tips & Hints


Helpful Hints for Storing Effectively

  • Packaging Accessories

Use the correct size/shape cartons to assist you with stacking! We stock a large range of cartons

suitable for most household and business items.

  • Cartons

Fill your cartons and clearly mark the contents for ease of unpacking.

Be sure not to make cartons too heavy to move easily and safely.

  • Crockery & Glass

Wrap all glassware individually and pack the top and bottom of every box

with bubble wrap or foam.  For white crockery be sure to use “acid free”

tissue paper.  Mark as “FRAGILE” and don’t stack heavy items on your cartons.

  • Appliances

 Fridges, Freezers and other white goods should be clean and dry before storing.

 Place a deodorizer inside for freshness and don’t forget to leave the door slightly ajar

 to allow the appliance to breathe.

  • Furniture

 Cover your mattresses and lounges with protective covers.

 Disassemble items where possible and wrap and protect protruding corners of items in cardboard or bubble wrap.

  • Mirrors and Paintings

 Use corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap to protect your items from scratching & damage caused through rubbing.

 Using our Picture/Mirror cartons is optimal.

  • Televisions, Video’s, CD Players and Computers

 Wrap all your electrical items in Anti-Static bubble wrap so your items won’t build up an electrical charge.

 Fill all surrounding gaps to prevent movement and seal your cartons.

  • Lawn Mowers and Machinery

 Empty all fuel to avoid a fire hazard and place cardboard under the item to prevent seepage.

  • Battery-operated Toys and Appliances

 We recommend you remove all batteries to avoid any leakage onto other items.

  • Metal Items

 Wrap silverware in acid free tissue paper to reduce tarnishing.  Wrap chrome and cast iron items in a cloth with a little oil on it to reduce rusting.