If you are relocating or moving, you might require a place to store your belongings before settling into your new residence. The belongings may include furniture, cars, and machinery. You can leave the property with relatives or keep it in a rental property. Alternatively, you can rent storage space at a facility such as Self Storage Nerang. Here are a few things to help you find the best storage unit.


Boxes inside a storage unit

Apart from ensuring that your Self Storage Nerang unit is large enough to accommodate your belongings, you should also consider its location. If you frequently need to access the items or your car, the storage unit should be near your home. However, if the items will be there the entire summer, you should think more about the cost and not the location. Storage facilities outside of urban areas may be less expensive as the demand in urban areas is high.

Cost and Length of Time

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Most storage facilities rent monthly, so you need to be sure about the time you’ll require the unit. Although some storage facilities allow for short-term rentals, others insist on a specific minimum rental period. The length of time you’ll have at the facility also determines the cost, contract type and extra fees. Consider if you need the facility for the recommended minimum storage period. Additional fees might come up if you miss a payment or are late in payment; inquire about them and whether it poses a risk of losing the unit or your belongings.

Surveillance and Safety

A CCTV camera installed on the wall

The facility’s security is an essential consideration before renting, especially when you want it for your car. Ask if there is video monitoring or a security guard who patrols the facility in person. You can also visit the place ahead of time and establish if it has sufficient lighting to ensure your safety whenever you need access to your belongings.

Full-service vs. Self-service

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The difference between the two types of storage is how you access your items. A full-service facility has complete control of how you access your belongings; you have to notify them before visiting the facility. This type of storage is more suitable if you are going away for months without accessing the facility. On the other hand, a self-service facility allows you access whenever you want by giving you a lock and key to the unit, hence providing you with more flexibility.

When looking for Self Storage Nerang, search the internet for reviews. This is one of the ways to get an accurate picture of the services of the storage facility. Look if there is an issue that most customers mention, as you will probably experience the same thing. Positive reviews should by far be more than negative reviews for you to consider renting the facility.