Are you looking to move house? One of the worst – for some – jobs to be doing right before you move house is packing and putting things into storage. Storage units can be the perfect solution for your troubles if you are moving quickly and haven’t got a big enough place for all of your things, or you are looking to downsize but you want to keep some sentimental items. 

You don’t always have to have space for it in your new home, and a storage unit could be the best option. While investing in a storage unit is a great idea, the process of relocation? That’s a pain! It can be very cumbersome to do all of this so to help you to make the moving process easier, we’ve broken down the top five storage supplies that you need to help you with moving.

Moving Boxes

If you are looking at storage supplies, moving boxes should be the first thing on your list. Whether you’re moving into a new place or you’re simply just downsizing things into a storage unit while you decorate your home, preparing new moving boxes should be one of the first things that you do. The most important thing that you should remember when you are looking for moving boxes to help you with your storage is to understand that they need to be sturdy enough to reliably carry without collecting moisture. If you’re moving fragile or heavy items it may be worth obtaining fresh new boxes so that you have boxes with the right structural integrity. When you are packing, keep like items in the same box so things are more organised for you when it comes to unpacking. Label each box with the correct room name so that you can find what you need when you need it. Lastly, don’t overpack!

Buy Some Bubble Wrap

If you’re moving things into storage, then the chances are your boxes will be stacked for some time. While your boxes may be sturdy, gravity does do its job and you need to go the extra mile with belongings that are more precious to you. One of the best storage supplies that you could have is large bubble wrap. For the tiny items, you want the bubble wrap with the close together bubbles. But the larger items are often better off rolled up in big fat bubble wrap! It serves as an extra layer of padding to ensure that your most fragile items make it in and out of your storage unit in one piece, no matter how long they are stored for.

Equip Yourself With The Little Things Locks

Tape guns, marker pens, pairs of scissors? All of these things are vital when you are looking to put things into storage. The moving boxes and bubble wrap that we’ve already mentioned are great to conveniently transport your belongings but you do need to make sure that everything is sealed shut and correctly labelled. Tape makes the process of sending a lot of boxes much faster, and it also means that your boxes will be labelled correctly when you do bring things back out of storage again. Masking or duct tape can offer you other solutions, with masking tape often used as a label solution. A clearly labelled box is one that’s welcome when it comes to unpack your things, and if you need a tape for your supplies that’s more versatile than most, you want duct tape. Duct tape can be used to reinforce your boxes that hold the heavy items together.

Locks Dust Covers

A storage supply that you do need for helping with your move is a lock. Once you’ve got everything located into your personal storage unit you need to ensure that it is secure. While most storage units are covered with CCTV surveillance cameras and other storage security options, a lock for your actual unit is smart. Don’t just pick something easy to break into though, choose something that is smarter than that. A disc lock, for example, is a similar alternative to a padlock but the difference is that it’s rounded in shape. A cylindrical lock is also a good one to use, as while they are more difficult to install, they are also great for security. Choosing the right lock can take some time, but if you’re using a self storage unit you won’t need to worry about it too much as they will come with the right locks anyway. Check with your storage unit to know which way to go.

Dust Covers

Moving things into a personal storage unit means you’re going to need to keep it free from any dirt or dust over the years. Dust covers means that they are no longer going to be sitting collecting dust and that can be harmful. You don’t need your boxes being irreversibly damaged. The right dust covers for the items that your store and keep them clean from damage and insure that they last longer than you expect. Any large furniture that you may be putting away can be covered with the right dust covers and kept clean. It’s amazing how much a simple dust cover can give you, and an investment in one of these is worth it when you’re storing your things for sometime.

This is not an exhaustive list of storage supplies to help you with moving. Storage supplies can come from all angles, and if you have your storage unit managed by a company, you’ll find that one of the storage supplies out there you’ll love is the moving trolley. Being able to load your things onto a trolley and wheeling it into your unit is one of the best things that you could use when you are storing your things. Our goal is to simplify the storage process as best we can for our customers. With the five things above, you can make it so that your storage is much easier than you think and it’s a straightforward and seamless procedure – not like moving house completely!