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Our Supplies

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Tea Chest Carton
Tea Chest Carton (L) 406mm x (W) 431mm x (H) 596mm


Book and Wine Carton
Book & Wine Carton (L) 406mm x (W) 298mm x (H) 431mm


Archive Box
Archive Carton (L) 306mm x (W) 390mm x (H) 260mm


Porta Robe Carton
Porta Robe (L) 594mm x (W) 476mm x (H) 750mm


Mini Porta Robe Carton
Mini Porta Robe (L) 595mm x (W) 476mm x (H) 260mm


Picture Mirror Carton
Picture/Mirror Carton (L) 1040mm x (W) 75mm x (H) 775mm


Clear Packing Tape
Clear Packing Tape


Fragile Packing Tape
Fragile Packing Tape


2.5kg Bundle Packing Paper
Packing Paper (price per 2.5kg bundle)


Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap (price per metre)




Single Mattress Protector
Single Bed Mattress Protector


Queen Mattress Protector
Queen Bed Mattress Protector


Kind Mattress Protector
King Bed Mattress Protector


Lounge Chair Cover
Lounge Chair Cover


Lounge Cover
3 Seater Lounge Cover


Need Extra Supplies for your Move.

Box and Lock have a range of moving equipment that can make your move easier. Purchase our supplies at one of our stores.