Self storage facilities are not just for personal use. In fact, many businesses can benefit from renting a self storage unit. Just what are some of the reasons a business may want to rent a storage unit? This post lists some of the possible motives. 

Store tools and equipment

A self storage facility can be a great place to securely store your company’s tools and equipment when you don’t need them. It could be particularly useful for storing equipment that you don’t need to use every day and spare equipment – tools that might otherwise be taking up space in a van, shed or workshop. For example, if you run a professional cleaning company, you could store equipment like carpet cleaning machines and floor scrubbing machines for specialist jobs in a self storage facility, as well as equipment like spare vacuum cleaners and reserves of cleaning chemicals. 

You can also store vehicles in some self storage facilities. This could be useful for storing vehicles that you don’t need to constantly access such as an ice cream van in the winter months. 

Store inventory for your online store

Launching an online store can reduce the need to pay huge amounts of money to rent and maintain a physical outlet. However, one thing that many budding online retailers overlook is the need for space for inventory storage. A self storage unit could be an ideal space for keeping your inventory. This prevents you having store inventory in your home, freeing up space and allowing you to separate your home and business more.

It’s worth using a local self storage unit that you can easily travel to in order to monitor and maintain stock, as well as fulfilling orders. If you’re constantly receiving orders throughout the day, you may find that it’s better to have your own space, but for many businesses that don’t get orders so frequently self storage can be useful. 

Store excess stock that won’t fit in your physical store

If you run a physical store, you may also find that you can benefit from self storage. You may have excess stock that you do not want to display in your shop. If you don’t have much space for storing extra stock within your premises, it could make sense to use self storage to store this inventory.

Even if you do have an extra room for storing stock, a self storage facility may allow you to reduce the demand on this space. You may even be able to free up a stock cupboard on your premises and use this space for another purpose such as a breakroom or office. 

Store seasonal stock

Similarly, you don’t want to be displaying winter inventory in your store in the summer such as winter coats and Xmas decorations. If you don’t have much extra space within your premises for storing this stock, it may make sense to rent a self storage unit for putting these items in.

On top of inventory, there may be seasonal equipment that you can store in self storage. As already mentioned, it could be a great place to store an ice cream van in the winter. Other companies may find that it’s a great place for storing other equipment like grit for ice or electric patio heaters. 

Store important files and paperwork

While many companies are going paperless, there are many companies that still use paper files. This could include important legal documents and information from years gone by that is too large in volume to digitise. Legal firms are a good example of a business that still relies on a lot of paperwork. All this paper documentation can take up a lot of space and may not need to be accessed too regularly, so it could make sense to put it in self storage in order to reduce clutter in your office.

Self storage can also be a secure place to keep sensitive files. Not having to store these files on your premises can reduce the risk of them falling into the wrong hands – if a burglar breaks into your office or a rogue employee tries to leak inside information, they won’t be able to access anything too important. Note that on top of paper documentation, you can also store hard-drives in self storage. 

Store office furniture and equipment while you relocate 

A self storage unit could be useful if you need to move office and need somewhere to temporarily store your company equipment during the transition. There may be situations where you need to move out of your current premises by a certain date before your new premises are ready. During this period, you will need somewhere to store all your office furniture and equipment. Self storage could be ideal for this.

Look for self storage that you can rent for short periods. Make sure that there is enough space for all your equipment and furniture – bigger offices may need to rent larger self storage units.

Store office furniture and equipment while you refurbish

While refurbishing your office, you could also take advantage of self storage. This saves you from having to redecorate around your furniture and equipment, which may be difficult if you plan to repaint walls or install new flooring.

As with renting self storage while you move, you’ll want a unit that you can rent short term and that has enough space for all your stuff. 

Store stock and equipment so you can downsize

Renting self-storage facilities could be an opportunity to downsize your premises. Downsizing could allow you to save money on rent and energy bills so that you’re making a bigger return. Alternatively, downsizing could allow you to afford an office or store in a better location. 

The items to put in self storage could include excess stock and paperwork that you don’t need constant access to. You could also put equipment you no longer need in here until you’re able to sell it (for example, if you downsize your restaurant, you may have lots of tables and chairs you no longer need, which you can place in self storage temporarily while you find a buyer).