Are you working with a small living space? Is the size of your living room and bedroom limited? There are certain techniques that you can use in terms of interior design to make your living space look even larger than it actually is. Depending on how you design the layout of your home, you may be able to make it look like a grand abode rather than a small living quarters. Here are three fun tips for making the most of your minimal living space.

 #3: Mirrors

You should use mirrors in order to amplify the amount of space that you’re working with. This is a great interior design trick that has worked wonderfully for many designers in the past. You should simply place large mirrors on any of the walls adjacent to or opposite to the front door to the home.

Huge mirror in a living room

One technique that you can use with mirrors is to line an entire wall. You can also install a sliding closet door that is mirrored. Both of these tricks reflect the space in your home and make it appear larger. For this trick, you should pack up your extra furnishings and put them in self storage Murwillumbah. Reflecting too much of your furniture can make the place seem cluttered.

 #2: Used Metallics

You should use metallic accents in your home in order to make the most of your space. This can include purchasing silver metallic vases for displaying flowers, using metallic handles on your cabinetry, purchasing a metallic refrigerator or hanging your favorite paintings in silver metal frames.

Metallic accents make the room appear larger because they reflect light. When light bounces off of the metallic accents, it brightens up the room and it makes the space seem vast. You should use metallic accents as much as possible.

The most important part about making your space appear large is that you keep it free of extra clutter. You should put all of your excess possessions in Self Storage Murwillumbah. This way it won’t take up a bunch of extra space in your home. This will make your space appear way bigger than it was before because there will be empty space between your furnishings, such as your couch and entertainment center.

 #1: Painting with Light Colors

You should paint all of your rooms in light colors, such as pastel blues and pinks. This makes it so that the room appears bigger than it actually is. As the light reflects off of these colors, it creates the illusion that the room is large.

White colored interiors

When you paint your house, you might as well get rid of some of the furniture that you don’t need. You can put extra decorations and furniture in Self Storage Murwillumbah. This way your home goods will stay safe and secure when they are not in your house. Then, your space will appear bigger because there will be more empty space than clutter.