Cheap apartments in Australia can be had, and while they can be cheap, one continuous struggle that faces people is, “how do I get all my stuff in there? It looks so tiny?”

While some apartments are incredibly small, when it comes time for moving day and you move out and take all of your furniture with you, Aussies are often amazed at how much space there is.

So what are your options, besides taking half your stuff and sticking it in Storage Murwillumbah?

The number one tip of course is to consider using a murphy bed

a single murphy bed

Beds tale up an incredible amount of space. Space which you can use. Chances are your small apartment is really a combination bedroom and living room area anyway, so why fight it. Put that bed away during the day and put a couple of easy chairs in their place. At night, push the chairs and pull out the bed.

The alternative, if you don’t want to go the murphy bed route, is to buy a bed at Ikea or someplace else with beneath the bed storage.

Personally, we like the murphy bed idea better because some beds with underneath flooring give away a certain degree of comfort, but it is an option.

Next, consider a window sill drawer

corner of the livingroom with a window sill drawer and a book shelf

This will take a carpenter, but if you have a large bay window, a carpenter can install a drawer beneath it that will hold plenty of stuff.

Another tip us to use the mobile home approach. Quite often, storage nooks are built underneath the breakfast seating. And as for the kitchen table, rather than being in the way, it hangs on the wall and swivels out.

Need storage as well as a place to use your laptop. Put everything into a storage coffee table that swings up and out to work as the perfect computer space.

Also consider decluttering any large items that you only use like bicycles and surfboards by taking them to Storage Murwillumbah

Finally, think vertically, not horizontally

pans and pots hanging on a kitchen shelf

There is an incredible amount of wasted space that can be organized vertically.

For example, do you seem to have too little cupboard space? Take all your pots and pans and hang them from hooks as you see in many restaurants. Pots and pans should hang from the ceiling, freeing all that space underneath to store your kitchen materials.

As for the living room, apply the same principle. Go to Ikea or a self-storage store and buy yourself a stack of identical storage blocks. Store all your stuff in it and if you aren’t crazy about the look, attach photos in frames on the outside. It will look arty and cool and give you plenty of space.

Of course, naturally, you’ll want to store all your big, for occasional use only things at Storage Murwillumbah but we’ve seen plenty of small apartments that appear to have more space than 2-bedroom units, with the right decorating.