Tips For Storing Pet Supplies And Gear


As somebody who loves their pet to bits, you’ll want to ensure that you do everything correctly for them. Whether we are talking about their food or their toys, they will come with plenty of supplies to take care of. If you have a pretty modest home and plenty of supplies, finding space for these items can be quite tricky. 

This is where pet-friendly self-storage can come into play. They’ll take a lot of the burden from your shoulders and help to organise your situation. You can safely store all of your belongings while keeping your own home completely clutter-free. If you are curious, here are a few valuable tips to help with utilising pet-friendly self-storage effectively: 

Understand Exactly What Your Pet Wants And Needs 

This is a pretty straightforward job but it’s something that some pet owners might not take into consideration. You don’t want to pack everything away and then realise a few days later that you stored something that you need. Likewise, you may change your mind and want something that has already been left in storage. Assess what your pet will truly need and determine which items are infrequently used. 

Clean And Organise Your Items Before Storing

If you don’t clean and sanitise your items, there’s a chance that they may gather mould or bacteria. This is an especially poignant thing to talk about if we are mentioning gear that has been used outdoors for a while. Do your best to organise them by category and label them all accordingly. 

Pack Efficiently And Sensibly To Keep Things Protected 

As soon as you have planned it all and labelled everything, it’s wise to begin packing properly. Dry pet food and treats should go in airtight containers. Soft items should be placed in sealed bags to protect them from dust and insects. Wrap fragile toys in soft materials

Incorporate Specialised Gear And Equipment 

Specialised gear will be necessary for larger items such as crates and playpens. Disassembling them will help to save space. Do your best to utilise corners and vertical space in order to really maximise the area of storage. 

Prioritise Items That Matter Most

When it comes to priorities and accessibility, you’ll want to store items that are more important at the front. The most necessary items will be easily accessed without needing to unpack the entire unit. 

Choosing The Right Storage Unit

Choosing the correct storage unit might be tedious a lot of the time, but there are lots of different places that can suit your needs here. 

Look no further than Bock & Lock Self-Storage Nerang – a facility that can store all of your goods effectively. You’ll be secure and will be provided with your own padlock & unique PIN code. 

You can head HERE to read more and to get in touch with them directly. With a spectrum of unit sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect plan.  

If you have plenty of storage needs and a wonderful pet to look after, Box & Lock are perfect.