Electronic devices are moving very fast because they get updated to the latest model. The new model replaces the previous one, at times in just less than one year. Problems crop up when technology is updated too soon because commonly, owners cannot vend the old electronics quickly enough. This makes self-storage space a necessity. Storing electronics properly in Self Storage Nerang can make a big difference in the way they will stay preserved when in storage. Poor storage can result in damage due to humidity, heat, and dust. Storing them the correct way allows you to use them for many years.

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Each electronic requires its own particular care to maintain its good working condition for a long period of time. Self Storage Nerang offers the necessary storage pieces of equipment, like packing supplies that should be readily available. The items include strong cartons, bubble wrap, scissors, newsprint, markers for labeling the storage boxes, and packaging tape. To keep your electronics safe and also ready to be used any time, here are some of the electronics preparation tips to help you store your electronics well.

Check the manufacturer’s manual.

Prior to storing your electronics, always refer to manual or the website. This is because they offer specific instructions on how you can store or pack them.

Remove Every Trace of Dust from the Items

When storing used electronic gadgets, you should clean them thoroughly first. Use a dry cloth to dust off as this will protect the dust or the dirt to affect the circuits. You may consider Self Storage Nerang to air them for you using compressed air to clean them thoroughly.

Use the Original Packaging

If it is possible, use the original packaging materials that electronic gadgets had. This is because the electronic device fits perfectly on the boxes or the storage materials. The original boxes have anti-static material that prevents any breakage of the device at any time they are moved from one place to another. They also prevent the devices from bumping on each other. The filler material found on the box offers more protection. Seal off the boxes to prevent any damage or dirt entry during storage. If you don’t have the original packaging, Self Storage Nerang has got your back.

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Label your Accessories and Keep Them Together

Remove all the accessories or wires that are on your electronic devices and bunch them together. Label them accordingly with specific stickers for each gadget. Store all the electronic accessories together on the same bag along with each electronic device.

Always make sure that you take a picture of the device before detaching them and store them safely. Store all the power units and cables correctly as they will be used to reconnect them when need arise.

Remove the Insert-able Materials

Remove the DVDs, CDs, inkjet cartridges along with other things from the electronic equipment ahead of storing them.

List down each item in every box

List down everything you have stored in the electronic box and put this inside the box for use when unpacking. Keep a record of each item that you have stored as well.